Living with special needs comes with many challenges, but the most difficult may be hearing the words “no” and “can’t” at every turn.

Hope Outdoors: A Ministry

Hope Outdoors stops at nothing to restore a sense of hope in children and adults living with special needs. When the world says “No,” we say “Yes!” When the world says, “can’t” we find a way.

Our volunteers share Christ’s love by taking our friends with special needs to the lake shores, game trails, turkey blinds, boats and deer stands they’ve been told they couldn’t reach before.

Where a wheelchair has previously bound someone to paved paths and accessibility ramps, Hope Outdoors uses track chairs to forge muddy paths and wooded trails. Shooting mounts allow people who have lived with paralysis to experience the excitement of a hunt.

Restoring Hope

The vision of Hope Outdoors originated with a few men from Chatom, AL. They had a desire to use their passion for hunting and fishing to show their love for Jesus Christ. They also had a heart for the disabled and terminally ill. Since 2004, our chapters have ministered to hundreds of families through our hunting and fishing trips.

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